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Portfolio Spotlight

Slip Robotics

Christopher Smith

Slip Robotics is a warehousing and freight Robotics-as-a-Service company, automating the loading and unloading process of trucks in logistics operations. Slip is building a software-defined logistics network on top of its proprietary hardware, enabling a new level of efficiency and speed in short-haul logistics.

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The Mom Project

Allison Robinson

The Mom Project is an online recruiting platform dedicated to connecting accomplished women, particularly mothers, with rewarding job opportunities at leading corporations and startups. By leveraging criteria such as education and work experience, the platform facilitates flexible job placements, promoting inclusivity and equity in the workplace and helps employers reimagine the employee experience to better accommodate the needs of modern families.

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Justin McDonald

Saleo is a SaaS platform for creating the perfect environment for your sales demo. With Saleo's creative story builder, sales engineers can create template demos with live demo data that is tailored to industries and prospect types. Saleo's simple-to-use Chrome extension then empowers salespeople across the organization with these customized, authentic product experiences.

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Justin McDonald CEO, Saleo


Joshua Silver

Rainforest is an embedded payments company that serves vertical software companies who want to monetize payments within their platform. While currently focused on payments, Rainforest plans to launch broader embedded finance offerings, such as disbursements, card issuance, lending, banking-as-a-service, etc. Rainforest is currently in stealth and will publicly launch in early 2023.

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Jesse Kallman

Danti is a natural language search engine for exploring the extensive collections of Earth observation data. Danti synthesizes satellite, drone, aerial imagery, news, and text data feeds in one platform for ease of acquisition and distribution, including a data marketplace for external feeds. Danti gives order to the chaos for the massive amount of valuable geospatial data, to Public and Private sector customers like the Department of Defense, P&C insurers, financials, utilities, and telecom.

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Bobby Wann

Comprehensive consumer returns platform that encompasses return logistics, refurbishment, and recommerce for brands like Dyson, Wyze, Withings, Therabody, and others. Using Nok, brands can reduce waste and improve their bottom line by monetizing returns that would otherwise be liquidated or end up in a landfill.

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Early-Stage Fund

We invest in category-defining companies led by visionary entrepreneurs inventing better ways for enterprises to operate.


We are early-stage investors. We invest primarily at the Seed stage and selectively make Pre-Seed and Series A investments.


We invest in enterprise (B2B) and marketplace technology companies. We are sector agnostic, with focus themes in applied AI, logistics and supply chain, vertical solutions, infrastructure and productivity and sustainability and energy.


Atlanta is our home, the South our back yard. 80% of our investments are in the Super South, the nation’s fastest-growing innovation region.

Check Size

Our initial investment size is $500K to $3M and we follow through the journey of growth and success.

Innovation at the Intersection

Engage speeds up the pace of innovation for large corporations by enabling the success of enterprise startups. The Engage Network is a unique startup accelerator and corporate innovation platform that brings together entrepreneurs, the Southeast’s leading corporations and Georgia Tech.

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" This is a very rare pairing in venture capital, to have customer needs, capital and folks to support the company building all in one firm. "

Jesse Kallman

Founder & CEO, Danti

" TSV has been a fantastic partner and resource to Saleo… Great people, great firm, great partner! "

Justin McDonald

Founder & CEO, Saleo

" Tech Square Ventures is truly top-notch and has been instrumental in progressing the state of venture capital in Atlanta and the greater southeast. "

Joshua Silver

Founder & CEO, Rainforest

" Tech Square has been a great partner since giving us the first investor check at Slip Robotics. "

Chris Smith

Founder & CEO, Slip Robotics

" Having worked with a lot of VCs in various startups, TSV goes into a different category in my mind as true partners. "

Gorkem Sevinc

Founder & CEO, Qualytics